My deepest wish is to offer a safe place where the gates to a completely natural, healing sensuality open and where sexuality and spirituality merge into one another. Exploring the energy between the polarities of man and woman is an exciting, rewarding and joyful way to discover yourself.

“sensual healing” is the vessel of my experience gained on this path:


sinnliche Massagen

Are you longing to experience honest closeness, good touch and heartfelt intimacy in a dignified, clean and mindful setting? Do you want to feel yourself erotically and discover yourself anew? Are you stressed or exhausted, too much on your mind and want to switch off? Then you are really with me, Elana, and a sensual healing massage just right.


körperzentrierte Traumatherapie somatic experience SE

Body, sensuality, love, relationships, intimacy and sexuality are basic areas in our lives that are associated with much pleasure, vitality and health, but unfortunately often also with shame, insecurity, vulnerability, lack and suffering. “sensual healing” is a path to more joy and essential connectedness with oneself and life.


Seminare und Events

Are you ready to embark on a very personal journey, where we attentively explore the healing power of ourselves, our body and our sensuality? Do you want to become freer, more conscious and more alive?

Powerful impulses and touching encounters await you.


Respectful encounter and experience spaces in groups

  • The practice in Zurich and Solothurn is open for sensual healing massages, consultations & SE somatic experiencing trauma work.

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